When Your Significant Other’s Exes Haunt You, Too

to remember, for always.

Thought Catalog

My boyfriend once jokingly said to me that when he dates a woman, her life begins the moment he meets her. It came up when I was telling a somewhat trivial story about my past, so naturally, I did not take his comment lightly. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking — could this idea actually be beneficial to a relationship?

Let me clarify by saying that no, I do not mean we should stop caring about the achievements, excitements, or hardships that our significant others experienced before we came into the picture. That would be ridiculous. We are all shaped by our own pasts, after all, and we learn to appreciate one another for the things we have sought to embrace or overcome. I’m thinking more along the lines of things that should not matter but do; things I, as a helplessly obsessive and sometimes jealous person, tend to brood over unnecessarily…

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