When Your Significant Other’s Exes Haunt You, Too

to remember, for always.

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My boyfriend once jokingly said to me that when he dates a woman, her life begins the moment he meets her. It came up when I was telling a somewhat trivial story about my past, so naturally, I did not take his comment lightly. Lately, though, I’ve been thinking — could this idea actually be beneficial to a relationship?

Let me clarify by saying that no, I do not mean we should stop caring about the achievements, excitements, or hardships that our significant others experienced before we came into the picture. That would be ridiculous. We are all shaped by our own pasts, after all, and we learn to appreciate one another for the things we have sought to embrace or overcome. I’m thinking more along the lines of things that should not matter but do; things I, as a helplessly obsessive and sometimes jealous person, tend to brood over unnecessarily…

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How To Survive A Love That Was Made To Be Broken

my heart is too heavy to turn feelings to words and words to actions

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William Shakespeare's Romeo + JulietWilliam Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

For every person, there comes a time when you fall in love with someone you’re not supposed to. You fall in love with them against all of the logic in the world. Against time, against reason, against choice. You know just how bad this is for you.

You’ve heard all the horror stories from love veterans that have been here before. But it isn’t the same, because this is your love story, and somehow that makes it different. But you know deep down, it’s just like everyone else’s. This person isn’t right for you. It isn’t that you don’t deserve them; it’s that they don’t deserve you. They use you and abuse you and wring you dry, and the worst part is, you let them. You become so blinded by loving them that it’s all you know how to see anymore. It permeates every crevice…

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There’s Beauty In Something Broken, And I Want To Make It Whole

this is beautiful

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Somebody told me that it was important to understand ourselves before we could attempt to understand others. I think I’ve lived my life by inhaling fabricated truths enough to blend my coffee breaths with it. Words didn’t break me like how sticks and stones could, but at times it could be fate worse than a regretted tattoo – a permanent scar under the skin, visible to nobody but your own. I think it’s magical to witness when two people are able to exchange their tales, or better yet take their hidden demons out on a play-date. The world functions through norms and wrecks itself in its pursuit, but just like the unnoticed rising and setting of the sun, something so common and ignored actually adds up to why we’re here.

Certain anxieties like bullet holes to a steel-plated wall reverberate voices that sound…

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I Will Fall In Love With You In A Billion Ways

things i wish you said to me

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image - Flickr / Bhumika Bhatia image – Flickr / Bhumika Bhatia

I will fall in love with you in a billion ways. I will fall in love with you with the core of my sobriety. Not when I am happy, nor when I am sad, nor when I am vulnerable. I will fall in love with you because I will choose to. Cliché as it is but that’s how it will go. I will fall in love with you despite the reasons not to. I know how cheesy this sounds but love can always be cheesy.

I will fall in love with you in a billion sunrises and in a billion sunsets. I will fall in love with the way you run your fingers through my hair and make me lay on your lap because you know it makes me drowsy. How you break out into a laughter that quiets the room after I told…

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fck fuck fuuuuuck. 

I cannot allow myself to feel anything. I don’t feel anything. I just miss the cheap thrill of the chase, the innocence at first, the excitement in unravelling a persons soul. I just miss uncomplicated, but this whole thing in itself is already complicated.

no. I’m not lying when I say I love someone else and that I want to be with this person more than anything.

yes. At this point im hurting someone, disappointing someone, raising someones hopes.

What am I doing?? 

I’m not doing anything.

Exactly. That’s probably my problem.

What am I supposed to be doing??

I don’t even know anymore.

I’m stuck.