Misery in disappointment

Life’s full of disappointments. Who knows where it really comes from? Who knows exactly what were disappointed about?

Life’s full of disappointments. It could be something big like a promise or an event you were looking forward to, it could be something small like a canceled date or failing a test you studied for, but other times its silent disappointment; the one we hold inside our heart and keep to ourselves. 

Life’s full of disappointments. Disappointed by a new food experience, or disappointed in a family member, a friend, a lover, but mostly in ourself. We raise our expectations to a certain level and wonder why we end up feeling hurt.

Life’s full of disappointments. From opportunities we missed, moments we shouldn’t have taken for granted and wasted effort.

Life’s full of disappointments. I’m sure of it. But that’s not what my life is about and it’s definitely not what my night/day will be about. 

Life’s full of disappointments. And sometimes it gets hard to see past that, sometimes it just makes you want to give up.

Life’s full of disappointments but these disappointments don’t define life.


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