to both our families, this is our relationship. And I think we’re doing a pretty good job of portraying that role. You listen to me talk and go on about tv shows, my classes, our friends, just about anything.


drinking would be weird with people I’m not really close to. From car rides, to afternoons spent in Ayala and just enjoying eachother’s company. Thats what’s going on. I just wanna show you off to the world, be like “hey, check out me and mah close girl, this friendship is legit and forevs”


who else would listen to me go on about the most minuscule details of my ordinary day? I’m comfortable (maybe sometimes even too comfortable) being around you. We’re weird together, we’re sad together, we’re happy together, basically we’re lots of things together that we might as well be a couple kind of together. 


not everyone in our life knows this but basically it’s like we’re all these levels of friendship combined with intimacy, passion, feelings and sex.


is it just me or does that sound weird?

Not in a bad way of course. It’s just unusual. 

I never would have thought of anyone being MY anything in so long really. I never would have thought that anyone would be you. I never would have thought that even the sound of that could simply send vibrations through my spine and make my stomach do summersaults. 


Cliché as it sounds, it’s true. You’ve become my rock; staying strong and keeping strong for me, for us. My earth; keeping me grounded even when I just want to unroot myself off this world. My hand; to hold me, keep me close and warm when I feel detached from my own body. My pen; you don’t know this but every chance I get to write or type something down, it’s always about you. You inspire me. You drive me crazy. You make me laugh and cry, spill tears down my eyes, but most importantly you- my love, only you, have my heart. 


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