This Is My Love Letter

This is beautiful.

Thought Catalog

In your most beautiful moments, in between the minutes of dawn, when the sun rises over you and illuminates the curves of your skin in soft gold hues and glimmers. As I roll out of my bed, you’re there to support me to make sure that I don’t fall, but if I did, you would be there.

You are beautiful; you are alive. I sometimes feel as though I am above you, because you’re living at such a consistent rate. I neglect your stability and sometimes think I’m moving faster and I am more important than you, but those moments are seldom. You extinguish these thoughts of mine unintentionally just by being who you are, you’re extravagant, phenomenal, something that even the greatest philosophers and scientists couldn’t fully comprehend or explain. I live my life, day by day thinking of you, understanding you, wandering around as an independent with you…

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