You walked through the door
And I sat still in disbelief
Like I’ve seen a ghost
Except the ghost was you
I almost couldn’t find you
Lost in the depth of sadness in your eyes
You stood by for a few seconds
Like you had just remembered you had forgotten something
You had forgotten words, for they were meaningless now

I could see that you looked warm
But I had to make sure to keep you warm, I moved
I stood there, wrapped myself around you and embraced you
I got on my toes for as long as I could,
Held you even tighter when I had to start holding my breath
Tears dripping on your shirt
Heart pumping oxygen fast
I had just remembered that I had forgotten something
I had forgotten what it felt like to have you close to me, to feel your love

We couldn’t let go
Clearly not just yet
And as soon as we did
I kept my arms behind your neck
Your hands resting on my waist
I told you how much I’ve missed you
And in that moment I forgot about the pain and sadness, I exhaled deeply
Then I smiled because I thought that nothing could be better than right now, nothing could be better than this feeling and nothing could be better than us.


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