A Letter To Your Next Love

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You have something now that was once my most treasured possession. You aren’t his first, nor was I. I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that there was someone before me who had had him, to whom he had once whispered the words he whispers to me; someone he went to when his soul needed healing or the joy in his heart needed to be shared. I admit at times, when my mind had wandered for a second, loosening its grip on my heart, allowing it to hope I would be his last. I am not naïve, but with enough love, even the most deeply wounded hearts start to believe they can fly again. He gave me all that love, and even more. And for quite some time, I did fly.

I am not yet over him. In a way, I never will be. I will…

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This Is My Love Letter

This is beautiful.

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In your most beautiful moments, in between the minutes of dawn, when the sun rises over you and illuminates the curves of your skin in soft gold hues and glimmers. As I roll out of my bed, you’re there to support me to make sure that I don’t fall, but if I did, you would be there.

You are beautiful; you are alive. I sometimes feel as though I am above you, because you’re living at such a consistent rate. I neglect your stability and sometimes think I’m moving faster and I am more important than you, but those moments are seldom. You extinguish these thoughts of mine unintentionally just by being who you are, you’re extravagant, phenomenal, something that even the greatest philosophers and scientists couldn’t fully comprehend or explain. I live my life, day by day thinking of you, understanding you, wandering around as an independent with you…

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I wish I was a lot of things

I’m sitting here alone, staring blankly at the bright screen of my laptop. I happen to just scroll through posts on tumblr. I’m feeling nothing. I recap how my day went and I just feel like I want to cry again. Fuck my life, why am I being so emotional? I’m not as strong as I thought I was, or at least not as strong as I used to be. Right now it feels like being without you, is literally tearing me apart. I’m not sure how to live without you anymore, but I want to know if it’s still possible. Even my own walls that I built are protecting me against myself. I shouldn’t be over thinking anymore. I shouldn’t be ruining things with my bad vibes. Every time I look at my arm, I am reminded of the pain, the sadness, the fights within myself. I feel ashamed. I don’t want to hurt myself anymore. I don’t want to feel hurt and pain anymore. I DON’T WANT TO FEEL.

31 Signs You Like Books More Than You Like People

Well I’ve only got 14 of the signs

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1. You often cancel plans to stay home and read, because you just have to find out what happens in the next chapter.

2. In almost everything you read, you find which character you would be, and with the books you really love, you can cast everyone in your life as someone in the novel.

3. You’ll read the same book repeatedly, just to experience it over and over, as much as possible.

4. You’ve binge-read a book or a series until you could finish the whole thing, staying up late nights and avoiding sleep because you just couldn’t put it down.

5. You bring a book with you everywhere, even to movies, concerts or the gym, just in case you need great literature on hand.

6. When you go on vacation, you often bring more books than you do pairs of shoes, and friends or family members will to…

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11 Life Hacks For The Emotionally Struggling 20-Something

Great advice 🙂

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Everybody I know is either in or needs to be in therapy. The common theme among them is that they self-sabotage, and I think we all do, it’s just that not all of us have the discipline to address it. I’m not one to pass judgment on this because I am guilty of it probably more than anyone, but I was able to figure some things out on the journey back from that place. I don’t know your situation. I don’t know what will help you. All I know is that these are the things I learned to hone in on every day and of which have brought me unprecedented happiness. By this I do not mean a sustained state of joy. I mean contentment; the ability to flow through emotions and the ins-and-outs and disappointments and numbing routines of everyday life; how to transcend them. How to garner your…

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Happiness Is A Choice

I will always try to choose to be happy.

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It’s the end-goal of everything we do. It’s why we pray, get married, go to college, slave through tiresome days at the office, endure heartache, buy into fads, and move through (the sometimes unbearable) woes of everyday life…  and more importantly, it’s why we care so damn much about it all. It’s why we are so hurt when our lives don’t become what we had hoped they would be. Its happiness, and it’s at the root of everything we desire. But what we seem to overlook is that happiness is not an elusive state of euphoria that we eventually stumble upon once all of our goals are fulfilled. Happiness is a choice, and you are just as capable of experiencing it now as you will be once your life looks as you think it ideally should.

Yes. Happiness is a choice. And you can choose it right now. Close…

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