A hint of jealousy and selfishness

I wonder if you still think of her

the way her eyes light up and shine

the smell of her hair on a cold day

the taste of her lips and warmth of her hugs


Was it easy to be with her?

Did you argue about the little things,

The big things, the nothings

just like we do?


Did you fall in love me because

I remind you of her,

I’m better than her,

or perhaps I am her?


She will have a space in your heart

that I will never be able to touch

a weight you will carry throughout your life

that burdens even my shoulders


It’s ridiculous to compare myself to her

and to compare our love to her

nothing could be better than the present-

until the past catches up with it


I will never have your whole heart

and I know that, I accept that

how selfish am I to think, even for a second

that I could ever own that.


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