My love

Dear love,
I don’t know how you came to be and why God sent you to me. I am only making my way step by step and learning from every fall, understanding every rocky road we go through.

I must say that there is no feeling in the world that can compare to loving someone and being loved in return. You consume me; my every thought from the moment I wake up to the last thought of the night is you, my body leads me to you, my heart contracts with so much rhythm that it dances to the sound of you, my soul cannot bear the thought of being away from you.

Dear luv,
I don’t know how all this happened and why it is happening. Frankly I don’t need to understand it because I feel it and that is pretty much self-explanatory.

I must say that loving you became easier as time went by and your walls came down for me. I must also admit that loving you and staying in love with you is a maze that I refuse to give up on. I will keep running away from these thoughts I’ve been having; the only ones that put us in danger and as I continue running, I will eventually be weary but I will not allow myself to be weary of you. I will exhaust these demons from my thoughts until they are so far away that this maze I’m in will quickly unravel into a field.

A field of sunflowers, your favorite. And you right in the middle, waiting for me to jump into your arms, waiting for me to come home to you. You, my favorite.


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