I don’t think about you

as often as I used to;

I used to think that I missed you

or just missed what we had;

What we had was good

but I know we could have been better;

Better is what I am without you

and who I am with someone else;

Someone else makes me happier than you did

though I have to remind her every now and then;

Every now and then I wonder if you’re better off

you know without me, and it seems like you are;

You are now just a friend, who I shared some memories with

and I don’t think of you as anything more than that;

More than anything I wish you well and hope you’re happy,

I can’t say it to your face but I don’t like you as much as a person now;

Now you seem like you’re trying too hard,

just be who you are and don’t let the world change you;

You we’re my friend turned to lover, turned to stranger

and back to a friend again;

Again and again I breathe a sigh of relief every time I realize,

I don’t think about you as often as I used to.


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