Note to self: (SAD)

You know what one of THE worst feeling in the world is?

It’s not when you fail a test. Or your dog dies. Or you lost your favorite wallet. Or your friend declines an offer. It may even be when you get your heart broken, because at least then you know you actually saw it coming, and you have someone (or a group of friends) you can turn to, to take all that pain away, even if it was just temporary.

I think one of the worst feelings in the world is when you feel sad all of a sudden, and you’re all alone (physically) I mean someone will be there for you, tell you it’s gonna be okay, give you all these words of wisdom. But that’s just it. They’re just words, that’s only as far as they can go. It doesn’t and it will never compare to having someone right next to you telling you all those things. Bnd when you’re sad, it can’t just be for no reason. It may be because of a song, a movie, or a book, but all these things only trigger something in your subconscious.

You’re not just sad because a good man died in a movie, or your favorite fictional characters didn’t end up together, or because the lyrics to a song you just heard is sad; maybe you’re sad because you feel something that’s not good stirring inside of you, you’re sad because you’re lonely (whether you admit it or not), you’re sad because you’re tired of having to be happy all the time (admit it, there’s no fun in being happy all the time) but maybe the real reason you’re sad is because you’re missing someone. I mean you can love a person, but not as much as you miss them.

We’re human beings. We’re rational beings. And being sad for absolutely no reason is irrational. It’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to feel lonely.

All you have to remember is that, like good and happy moments, the sadness is only temporary. It’s a fleeting emotion, reminding us that we’re only human. And that we don’t have to have it together all the time.

It’s perfectly fine to feel sad every now and then.

Just let yourself feel it, and it will go away.


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