My real life fictional character

My real life fictional character called me beautiful twice today. It’s just an ordinary Sunday and I never expected her to say that.

My real life fictional character told me what she wanted this morning. And I’m glad reading her text was the first thing I did when I woke up because I rarely feel happy, positive, and warm in my insides during the morning. And this is what she wanted:

“I’ll tell you what I want. I want to visit bookstores with you and go to places we’ve never been to before and have coffee in Starbucks. You feel like home now and there’s no way that I want to be away from you for long.”

My real life fictional character changed her profile picture to one with me and my ex in it. But don’t mind the ex part, we’re all really tight. I asked her why and this is what she said,

“Well I knew I needed to change my profile pic and I wanted to use that picture. But mostly I wanted to show the world how beautiful my girl is and how proud I am of her.”

And in that instant I didn’t think of it as cheesy and gross but rather sweet and sincere. It made my day complete and I was floating on cloud 9. It sounded like something that came out of some teenie bopper.

With her, I don’t mind being cheesy because what I feel is true. Although I still flinch every now and then when I catch myself thinking and saying those things. But really, I don’t mind. This is the happiest I’ve felt. And I’m hoping she feels the exact way to. Especially because I like seeing her happy and being the reason why she is happy.

My real life fictional character is asleep right now, and I’m hoping I’m awake because I’m in her dream. Because even when she’s not aware of it, she’s thinking of me. That’s what I’m hoping for right now. 

And maybe when I fall asleep, we’ll see each other in the same dream and that’s how we’ll be able to tell how crazy we are for each other, without being fully aware of it.


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