So I had my 18th birthday celebration the other night. May 24, Friday. That was really something I can’t forget, amidst the fact that I got drunk by 1:30 in the morning.

No regrets at all though.

1. I got my friend Anna to drink.

2. Most of my fave people were there.

3. I wasn’t the only one who got drunk. And I definitely wasn’t the most wasted. Probably the least actually. 

4. Joyce, Anna and Mags helped me through the whole night. And where was one of my best friends?? Sticking to the guy she likes. After helping her through her drunk nights, this is what I get huh. Oh well. At least she was happy that night.

5. I really did have a blast! Got to see all my friends and family, got to hear them tell me how much I’ve changed them, their favorite memory of me, and basically how much they love me and wish me well. Definitely a boost in the ego. 


A year ago I would have never guessed that I wanted this, and that I needed this. I think it’s fair for every girl to have one special day or night wherein it’s all about her. Every girl deserves to hear how loved she is and how important she is. 


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