Crying is for pussies

I feel pretty pathetic.

Here I am in my room, sobbing, for crying out loud. About what? Nothing, really. Just frustrated. Outside I can hear arguing about money and family, which will seem very unexpected coming from me. Somehow because of this notion, I don’t feel like I can talk to anyone about it. Nor do I even want to talk to anyone about it! It shouldn’t be my concern. I’m just a teenager for Christ’s sake. What do I know about how to handle money or a family.


Speaking of family, my devil of a cousin has this annoying habit of just grabbing whatever is mine, thinking it’s okay. But it’s not! I mean, what’s mine is mine!!! It wouldn’t hurt to ask me if you could borrow my baking stuff. But shit. Urgh. It’s such a big deal for me because I spent time, money and effort on gathering all these materials! And it’s just mine. Urghhh. So pissed. I want to yell at her. 


I know it seems like I’m being a brat about it, but whatever. I can’t help but feel this way. Afterall, it is something I actually give a care about!! Urghhh where is the respect and privacy and urghhhhhh. I ended up yelling at her boyfriend to yell at her for not answering any of our calls and stealing my stuff!


Not to mention what a drag this afternoon was. Waited an hour for my date and it’s not like I wanted to hold a grudge on him for being so late but I couldn’t help it! I was so alone, just waiting, while eating my yogurt (which I bought just to sit somewhere!) and watching a scary/gruesome movie they were showing. Urgh. And we didn’t even have a plan on what to do or what to do after! So frustrating. Like there are times when spontaneous is good, and other times when you just cant force shit.


I wish I could just roll my eyes at this whole day, and it would all blur away. I am so ready to face a new day. Hopefully something waaaay better tomorrow!