I feel like I disappoint you so much. Like you have this big glass of expectations for me and I haven’t even filled 1/4th of the glass yet. It’s not supposed to feel this way. I’m not supposed to feel this way. You’re so moody and oversensitive and a tad bit over-controlling. You have this need to just act like the big brother most of the time, if not you act like a 12 year-old dying to catch attention by acting like a little kid. How is it fair for you to be able to pinch my skin a lot until I complain but when I hit you once you get this raging look on your face as if I’ve done the most outrageous thing??? Do you always have to wait for me to blow up or show any signs of being annoyed and/or upset?? Because I really hate that. I hate blowing up to someone I don’t intentionally want to hurt or affect. And I most especially hate feeling annoyed. Because the truth is, you’re not annoying, I just don’t have the patience to deal with some things you do. And I can’t tell you this because you might attempt to change yourself, which will in fact change the person I fell for in the first place. Now I’m questioning who I fell in love with and why I did. And I’d hate to have to over-think that. 

This isn’t the first time, and this most certainly will not be the last. I just hope I can hold this in for as long as possible because I’d hate to break your heart.


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