Returning the favor

Okay, after a few attempts, I have finally managed to return the favor.

And by this I do mean saying an “I love you” back.

I know it hasn’t been long, I don’t have much basis as to why but basically the way he makes me feel and the way I feel when I’m around him, I think that’s it. It feels like the first time all over again except I think this would have to be the best of them all. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen for someone so hard like this. He makes me want to become a better person (not that I’m some sort of crack whore who sleeps around and has no goal in life or anything) but he makes me try new things, he makes me experience a kind of euphoria beyond this little bubble I’ve grown up with. Jeez, even the thought of him manages to light up my face.

Despite all these things I’m typing (and thinking) a part of me is still glued to being cautious and self-preserved. I feel like if I totally allow myself to give my all on him, I’m going to lose it when he’s gone. Urgh. I really dislike thinking about the future, it makes me uneasy and paranoid but I can’t help it. And I doubt anything can stop me from being this way, right? Guess he’ll just have to live with this me and all I can offer.

Then again, this could be my period brain talking, thinking and typing all this down. Periods, their very dangerous on women who are in love. Aw.


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