three days

I spent good quality time with him for three consecutive days and now my days seem missing without him by my side. (ew cant believe how gross I sound now haha yuck mushy…but true)

Day 1. Thursday

It was definitely a good idea to go to another mall for a change of scenery. We got to hang with our 3 close friends and each other plus shop! And watch a movie! Need I mention Rise of the Guardians was a cool movie! And not just saying that because we made out. Lol. Can’t believe I’m typing all this down. We made out. *shivers all over* in a movie theatre. Wow. Aside from those interesting remembrances, he offered me handcuffs as my Christmas present aaaaand used the same handcuffs on my hand and in my car! Tsk tsk. So 50 😉


Day 2. Friday

So we planned to go jogging. And we did! In both his and my pace. Sadly, jogging really isn’t my thing. Nevertheless, we finished a good 3 rounds. I guess. Sort of. Something like that. We chilled out in Coffee dream, got a banana cake slice (which was without a doubt, delicious and moist! lol twss) and a cold drink. We chilled there for over an hour and got to talk about real stuff. Like my past, and his past but more on mine… He does’t care about my past, apparently. He accepts me for who I was (i think) and who I am now. He told me his brotherly instincts feel the need to protect me, take care of me and love me even if might not want the same thing. He’s so sweet, nothing compared to that moment of sincerity in his eyes and loving words from his mouth. I wish I could have said something as equally romantic as everything he said that night. Unfortunately, in this relationship, and past ones, I’m the one who loves less. Maybe not for long. I think my walls are slowly falling apart brick by brick now. Maybe it’s about time to allow myself to feel, to fall and to surrender.


Day 3. Saturday

Spent a good 5-6 hours with him tonight. We were supposed to meet at 4 but I was caught up with another appointment and well, I caught up with him around 6 already. No biggie though. We shopped for his new shoes and found the perfect pair instantly! Hah. He’s done more shopping for himself this month than I have! It’s so nice to see him so happy. So anyways, after about an hour, we went to IT park and had dinner there. Nothing interesting was happening so we walked around then hanged out in coffee dream again. That was definitely interesting. We got caught making out and ran for our life after! Hahaha. That was really fun and interesting. Now we’ve got more inside jokes. Heh.


Next year will be good. I can feel it. 🙂


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