It happened

It fucking happened. And by it yes, I do mean a kiss. Not just one kiss, probably around 4 kisses until I actually got my lips to respond to the soft and warm touch of his. He tried to stick his tongue in my mouth, or so he thought during the 6th kiss. And yes, I counted. As to why I counted, I have no clue myself. 

So how this happened?

We had a lovely late lunch together which costed us a long walk under the heat of the sun because the place we originally planned to eat was closed when we got there. He believes I jinxed it. Lol. So we went back to the mall and found ourselves in the famous Casa Verde, we got the ribs he wanted and shared it. After that we went shopping for gifts I was to get the boys, afterwhich he bought 2 new pairs of pants! I thought it was so cute. You know, the whole shopping together scene, I don’t recall seeing that in the movies. Hah. After a tiring afternoon, we met up with a friend and chilled out by the ticket booth. I was dying to watch a movie because well, 1st of all I didn’t want to go home just yet, 2nd of all I didn’t want to end the day like that and 3rd of all I just missed being in a cinema. I managed to convince him, even if he wanted to go home already and poof! We bolted for the cinema right after buying the tickets. 

The Hobbit was 3 hours long and it lost my complete attention the moment he laid his lips on mine and told me he loved me. He kept saying other sweet things but I can’t recall because in that moment I just froze in silence. I don’t know when I actually cried, but I did because I couldn’t believe he had kissed me more than once and ever so casually!

Not that I was expecting a foot-popping. heart-racing, ever so romantic first kiss with him but I really really really did not expect him to kiss me so casually and just to kiss me then and there!!! (Lol not to mention the people to our left and right were on dates too) 

After the movie, we had steam rice to fill our stomachs and I finally managed to bring up the kiss, in a not so serious manner. I tried to explain to him what I meant when I said “I can’t believe you kissed me” but the words didn’t seem to compliment what I was really thinking. With him, it seems like I never know the right things to do or say yet it doesn’t feel wrong or stupid of me at all. I’m just scared. Unprepared. Skeptical. 


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