So you say

The next thing I know we’re down at the cinema
We’re sitting there, you said you loved me 
What’s that about

You’re moving too fast, I don’t understand you
I’m not ready yet, baby I can’t pretend
No I can’t
The best I can do is tell you to talk to me
It’s possible, eventual
Love will find a wayDon’t say you love me
You don’t even know me
If you really want me
Then give me some time
Don’t go there baby
Not before I’m ready
Don’t say your heart’s in a hurry
It’s not like we’re gonna get married
Give me, give me some time

Here’s how I play, here’s where you stand
Here’s what to prove to get any further than where it’s been
I’ll make it clear, not gonna tell you twice
Take it slow


So today you made it very clear. I asked you to say the magic words if you wanted your ID back and you said “I love you” I can’t believe you said that. Once again I could go on and on about how I don’t understand, how you deserve better, how scared I am and etc… But by now you should already know that.

Today you kissed me on my cheek, under the rain, beneath your hanky while we ran towards a building. 

Today we made a deal if you passed 5Million on tilt to live, I would buy you the ribs you oh so crave for.

Today we planned to watch a movie tomorrow if possible.

Today a lot of “double-meaning” jokes were cracked.

Today, there were so many instances I wanted to kiss back and just kiss you.

Today, you made me feel as alive as ever.


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