Call it anything but love. 
And I will make sure to keep my distance. 
Say I love you when you’re not listening. 
And how long can we keep this up

How long ’till we call this love

12/12/12. Once again, you surprised me with the 12 pieces of Kitkat outside our classroom then with the 12 paper penguin and 12 sticky pads on my seat. That really did make me smile. I can’t believe you thought of that and planned that whole thing. You are truly amazing. But my words alone cannot describe how I felt and how I feel about your surprise, and you. I don’t know if I heard wrong or right, and I probably heard right and chose to ignore you and change the topic when you said those three words like three times today. Those are big words to drop on me. How can you feel so much for me? I guess I’ll never understand that. But know that I didn’t ignore you because I don’t care because there’s nothing more scary than knowing you feel that way  and you’re giving me the power to take hold of your heart, there’s nothing more brave than telling me how you feel and taking a risk with this though you know how I feel about these kinds of things, there’s no one more sweet and sincere than you are and I’m afraid I’m not good enough at all to be with someone like you, or to be in love with someone like you. Not that I am…Or am I? Even I can’t tell what love feels like. Maybe I’m feeling it but I refuse to give that flower a chance to grow because of all the thorns it has. Just know that you definitely make me smile, you make me feel safe, you make me feel happy and you make me feel like I am this simple yet amazing girl though I am not.


They say that distancing is done for two reasons: Either you hate that person or you’re just too scared to fall in love completely with that person. You’re a chance I’m willing to take but it’s going to take me some time to let my walls down and let you in.


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