one afternoon

I want you here, now. Just laying down my bed, watching movies on my laptop and killing time together; surrounded by the warmth of my blanket, the cold air breezing through the air-conditioner and the ray of sunlight peeking through my window. I want you laying beside me, fingers-intertwined and hand on my waist. I want you looking at me the way you usually do for no reason, just idly looking at me and sharing the same feeling. A feeling of bliss, happiness, calmness, gratefulness and being contented with just sharing a moment together. No one but us in the room, not having to worry about what others might think of us or having to listen to anyone else or see anyone else. Just you and me, in a bubble of our own.

It’s not 11:11, but I do wish for that one day. For the mean time I’m stuck with my imagination and you controlling my thoughts and feelings at the moment.


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