Free and surprise

What can I say about today?

It was something new, it wasn’t awkward and it was pretty cute and sweet.

We ate together after class in Sbarro, and we got to talk about deep stuff (which was pretty much the moment I’ve been waiting for) we went around the mall and looked around for gifts for the boys. Walked hand-in-hand in some times, and even around his arms. hihi i feel so cheesy na naman. I was relatively conscious though of where his hand would be, I know my family has a lot of friends/spies who might tell them something that was non of their business.

After around 3 hours we walked to the church near my old school and had 1st friday mass. I swear in that moment, I imagined being married to him or a guy like him; religious, not so tall, not the prince charming or handsome and brooding type, not muscular, basically not a lot of things I pictured myself liking or going on a date with (not that that was a date because well, nobody said it was, right…) but maybe he’s the guy God pictures for me, whether I approve of it or not.

After mass we ate in another fast food chain and it wasn’t like we were being PDA or anything he was just playing a game on my phone while I ate. A few touches here and there, but that’s it. Then I noticed a High School teacher of mine was sitting right across us. Wow that was a shocker. Took me like 10 minutes to get over the look she was giving me! It’s amazing how it’s always her who catches me with a guy… Hmm. There’s something about her. Could it be a sign of some sort?

Omg speaking of signs!!! On the way to the mall, I was resting my chin on his shoulder with the wind blowing through our hair. He kept murmuring something about how he hoped it would rain because he asked for a sign so something “special” could happen by the end of the day. Ideas popped into my head immediately but I asked him what he asked for. He sort of confirmed the idea in my head when he said, “I’m sure you already know what I mean” with a smug look on his face!!! Did he hope it would rain so he could kiss me under the rain????? smzfnaiwflamfafmpaf gross!! Cheesy shit right there. The whole “kiss under the rain” scene is way overrated. But then there’s the kiss scene.. Thank God it didn’t rain! I wouldn’t know what to do if that had happened. I mean I’ve thought about a kiss but maybe I’m not ready and God knows it. Or he’s got better plans, yes.

Another thing happened while I was eating… He noticed his ex-of some sort/ prom date was sitting 30 degress to our left side. hahaha! I don’t know why I was amused (probably because I don’t find her a threat because she’s not pretty lol) but I kept telling him to talk to her and he just wouldn’t because apparently they’re not in good terms.

So before the clock struck 7, we were outside and in front of the church about to part ways and he gave me a free and a surprise which is our linggo for a hug and a kiss…on the forehead and on the cheek. 🙂


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