strike 1

You definitely make me smile when we’re together, and sometimes even when we’re not. But that’s easy. The whole “you always make me smile” thing comes with the “I like you” package.

You actually don’t know what really makes me smile and what gets me down. I wish I didn’t have to type this all down but what you said really got to me. It’s nothing big of any sort, it’s just sort of personal. You we’re probably just being honest but telling me I looked better before just hurts the ego, you know. I can’t just look like what I looked like 3-4 years ago, I’ve changed. Ugh, such a shallow reason to be sad about but you wouldn’t get it anyways.

I didn’t see you today and I won’t be seeing you tomorrow. Times like this I wish we could talk on the phone or even skype. I miss you being physically present. Now would be the perfect time to have a deep conversation with you, but I doubt we’ll ever do the “sweet stuff” I like. Or at least not anytime soon. 


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