Something new

I remember this morning I hoped for a good day and prayed for something new to happen.

God listens, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what time of the day; if he doesn’t answer your prayer right away, it doesn’t mean he didn’t listen, it just means he has something better for you in the future.

Today was a good, good day indeed.

I made sandwiches for my 4 guy friends, and even tried the french vanilla cappucino we have here at home. I’ve never made a sandwich for anyone, I’ve never willingly made myself a cappucino and drank it and I definitely have not gone shopping with a guy (who actually listens to my opinion) and who shopped with us girls too. Not to mention my dad gave me some bracelet which I apparently wore as a kid. (sentimental, much?)

And so the whole day, amidst the heat, amidst the crowd, amidst the fact that I didn’t buy myself anything and amidst my aching feet, I felt my life actually slow down for me to enjoy every second of the day with the people that mean much to me.

For this, Lord, I am forever grateful and thankful.


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