Unreal, surreal

I don’t really know how to describe how my day went but it definitely made me feel like I was flying. Gosh how is this happening.. 

I had lunch with my girls and it was fun seeing all of us complete and together but I was running really late for my next date/appointment/hang out (?) with J. We planned to hang out and he decided it would be perfect to have a photo shoot so we did! The weather was perfect and then it wasnt… But I still think it was good. He got some good shots, thankfully, since I was being all weird and awkward about being the “model” I mean I’ve had photo shoots before, around 4 to be exact. But having him see me through his lens, that made me kind of anxious… It made me feel like I wanted him to see me perfectly, or something like that.

After the shoot we just chilled, talked about the past, a bit of the present and even the future. Speaking of present, he gave me chocolate again and a rosary bracelet which he wrapped around my wrist while we were on the swings. 

It was definitely the kind of “hang out” I’d enjoy repeating. I’m going to stop typing now so I don’t over-analyze and over-think anything. Right now, I just want to look back, remember those moments and smile. 🙂 


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