I’ll remember this day well. How you surprised me in the morning with your “Mars ka ba” pick-up line followed by an actual Mars chocolate bar, how the rain fell from the heavens as we made our way pass the cars that surrounded us, how you held my umbrella for me, how we slowly made our way to our building covered in sweat with shaking legs, how we talked about more personal things even for just a while, how you put your arm around me and pulled me close as we sat by the door waiting for our teacher to finish her class, how you randomly grabbed my hand and massaged it, how we casually watched a cute movie in the canteen, how you grabbed tissue readily and dried my tears for me as the movie ended, how we walked hand-in-hand under the starless sky talking about how we never talked to each other before, how we tried to communicate with no words and how you brought me to my car to make sure I’m safe. 


All those little moments turned into one memorable day. You definitely, without a doubt, made my day. And I was and am sure as hell not afraid to admit that. 🙂


Then again, aside from you, the good presentation in Sosc, the easy finals test in Sosc, the ReEd finals exemption and the short bonding session/mocking me session after class also made my day. But you were and are definitely the highlight.


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