Un(perfectly) Lonely

Lately I’ve been in a good mood.

I don’t exactly know what put me into this good mood. I have an idea. But a part of my mind won’t accept the idea that I think I might be into someone. Not just any someone but a classmate of mine. How can this be happening. We barely have anything in common! And I despised him from day 1 until the beginning of August. This week, its just been non stop talking (more like texting and chatting) and goggly eyes and stolen glances.


More like a flirtationship, actually.


We he stayed up pretty late tonight. Im not sure if I’m the reason for that and I don’t even want to think about it. But 2 hours ago (while we were chatting) he gave me some chinese message and obvs I didn’t understand it so I googled it right?? It translated to, “Do you love me” WHAT THE FUCK. HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO RESPOND. I went cray for a few minutes. So cray that I ended up in tears. I have absolutely no idea when he’s being serious or joking about these things! And fact is, it’s getting on my nerves. 

So he went to sleep already and I feel lonely as ever. It’s the kind of lonely that makes me want to skip to the next day and be around my friends (and him) the fuck am I saying. Urghh.I hate not having siblings or at least a talking dog. 



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