This not-so-secret secret is eating me up

Jealousy is a bitch and yes, it will kill.

So I had such a wonderful time yesterday, right? But I felt bad that E and I weren’t talking the whole week and I did miss him but that time I was hanging out with lots of people and J was there too. Kiligers to the bones! But sadly he likes someone else who also happens to share the same feelings for him. // Well, whatever. I got home almost around midnight and go online to catch up with things then I saw that photo of E and the girl who he used to like, who also happens to be my close friend!! I couldn’t help it. My emotions got to me and yes, I killed them both. (in my head of course) The first and only time I don’t visit him and hang with him near his school and he finds someone else to hang with already. Now that is what replacement is. Currently, I’m still sort of pissed with no idea why and no idea if I should tell him how I really feel. I could be jealous but doesn’t mean I like him! Does it?


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