Rude much!!


Day 5 and I’ve already screamed at someone to shut up in front of everybody. Honestly, I couldn’t contain myself! Before that happened I was stuck in 2 classes wherein some bitch took off her shoes and placed her god damn stinky feet on my chair!!!!!!!!! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU INSANE, HAVE YOU NO MANNERS WOMAN. The first class she was behind me and I was jotting down my notes right then it suddenly reeked of feet!! (and everyone knows how much I HATE FEET. DISGUSTING) and I was sure it came from somewhere in the back so I tried to check behind me if anyone took off their shoes and damn it!!! She was behind me. What the absolute fuck woman. Why the fuck would you do that. Not to mention my hand brushed by her toes!!! And her toes brushed by my pants and bag!!! Fucking A. The next class I thought would be safe. But nooo, our teacher decided to arrange us alphabetically in columns and she happens to be sitting right beside me!! Then she does the same thing again except this time she puts her feet beside my fucking ass!!! I could swear her feet probably felt warm under my ass. Fucking bitch. The whole time, I was trying to think of a way to POLITELY tell her to put her god damn feet back in her shoes. Where they belong. But I figured, I wouldn’t be nice about it if I said it then so I tried so hard to contain myself. Which brings us back to when I screamed at some other girl who was making noise outside rigt after class ended. I feel bad and all because I honestly didn’t think anyone heard me but hey, she was being obnoxious and boisterous! I couldn’t contain myself any longer. But I apologized anyways.

I swear to god I’m bringing perfume to school from now on. I might even give her foot powder or some Shiz to keep that girls reeking, stinky, disgusting feet away from me!!! 😷


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