Which actually means Psychology Freshmen Orientation but in my head, it sort of just means Probably Freaked Out thats why we have this orientation.

Got up early morning (and by early I always do mean before 8AM) for the PFO that was set to happen. We basically had short exercises and a lecture (I call it a lecture, it was actually when teachers and the officers talk about rules, classes and organizations) during the morning. Which was followed by a walk all the way from the Fine Arts building down hill to the Arts building and that was not a good day to be walking under the sun without an umbrella. Actually, any day in the Philippines is not a good day to be walking under the heat of the sun without an umbrella because the sun will fry you like an egg on an oiled pan.

Lunch was okay, by then I made around 3 new possible friends. And I say possible because I’m not actually quite sure I can be myself around them. I was in the pink team and there was absolutely no one I knew from any school except Dane (thank God he volunteered to help out and landed in my team! For which, I’m not certain whether he made that decision or actually had to stay with the pink team) So there were around 40 of us incoming freshmen, 6 of which were guys and 1 well, I’m pretty sure he was gay.. Team building was pretty fun actually! By then I familiarized myself with everyone, made a conversation with 1/4 of the whole team and have 4 block mates. So I think I’m set and ready for the first day!

After the PFO was over, Dane and I decided to go to Ayala to meet up with Louis. That guy always likes to joke around and I can never actually tell when he’s joking! I don’t know why I treat him so seriously. Did I mention we rode a jeep? I feel so proud! I sort of rode it alone, considering the fact that we weren’t seated next to each other. And with this, I will mention how much I absolutely HATE jeeps because they over load on passengers!! I get that their income is based on the number of passengers they get per day but at least be fair and consider the comfortability of the vehicle you are providing!

So basically, that’s pretty much all the events that took place on my Saturday. Lovely isn’t it? I was THAT tired that I forgot to blog about it. Which brings me to the real reason I actually decided to blog about it tonight.. Wait for my incoming post full of negative blabber about how much I loathe my indecisive friends sometimes.


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