Incompetence is Key

Shall I finish that sentence? Incompetence is key to pissing me off.

Basically, I came to blog-rant about how incompetent my friends can be sometimes. It annoys me to the bone. For example, I had a perfectly good plan of how we would spent tomorrow; TOGETHER. As a sort of “last hang out” before classes begin for all of us. I had no exact idea on how to spend the day, I left it to them to share their ideas. Which I posted online and even texted to all of them. And of course, I did not get a reply from more than 4. And there are 11 of us. Perfect! I’ve had most of my days in June set the moment May ended. And if no one planned something out for all of us, well, I wouldn’t want that, we all wouldn’t want that. Or at least thats what I though. But everyone seems to think otherwise. I’m starting to think nobody actually really wants this friendship to work out. Because in all honestly, I expected more from these people. I would most definitely change my schedule or turn something else down just to hang out with them for something reasonable! And why in gods name would I want to “hang out” for no reason and most especially when we’re not all there? Thats a load of time to waste.

And now I’ve got another friend inviting me out tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure to turn them down for these people I call my ” close friends” when they’ve got nothing planned out for tomorrow and come up with all sorts of excuses. Honestly people, ever heard of “If theres a will, theres a way”?? Not to mention that we haven’t got a group video to surprise Sumer with before she leaves!!!! And to think this was planned practically a month ago. 

SIGH. Well, at least this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten disappointed with them. This is the first time I am disappointed with them without anyone to share the feeling with though. They all seem to think Tuesday will be a better option, maybe for them, I guess. Ive got my Tuesday set out for me already. And this Saturday, I precisely told them about the surprise we we’re going to have for Sumer. I’ve planned it with her mum too! But now all they want to seem to do on that day is a “play date” I am definitely not going to miss a class in the afternoon for a stupid play date.

At this point I don’t even care anymore. Whatever shall be will be.




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